The Great Furry Cosplay Contest
Sign-up Sheet
1.Costumes must be anthropomorphic animals in nature. However, points do go to creativity to unique depictions of said characters, like neko-ified or mecha versions of said characters.

2.Only one entry per contestant. If a group wishes to join as one entry together, they will be considered as one group, and will be judged equally with the other non-group contestants.

3.The convention is General Admission, meaning nudity, no sexual acts, no kissing, and so on.

4.Contestants are required to send in a photo or reference of the character they are cosplaying as. No reference, no entry.

5. The convention is not liable to any damage or losses to the contestant’s costumes

6. Walk-in participants are okay, but only until 2 pm

7. All children below 18 must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. The parent or legal guardian must sign the consent form to let their child perform.

8. Weapon props are allowed, but these weapons should not harm anyone. The convention has a right to disqualify anyone who brings in unsafe weapons to the convention.

9. Each contestant will be given 2~3 minutes to perform on stage. The individual or team can perform a skit or an act that portrays the character well.

10. If you would like to play music background, please send the music as an .mp3 file with the file name of your character to our Lights and Sounds booth before The Great Furry Cosplay Contest starts.

11. The convention has the right to disqualify any contestant if they don’t follow any or the above guidelines

12. Contestants are required to purchase tickets to join the contest. Ticket information at

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