OHS Advanced Placement Confirmation
This final form is used for your counselors to understand what Advanced Placement courses you will be taking for the 2020/2021 Academic School Year. Please make sure you are absolute certain about what courses you select below. Forgetting to select a course can result in losing your spot in the class.

FINAL COMMITMENT IS JUNE 1st, 2020, so please submit before that time. A link at the end will bring you to the summer homework. Be aware that AP Microeconomics and AP US History will not be running for the 2020/2021 Academic School year. If you have any questions, corrections or changes please contact me at ciarlino@owosso.k12.mi.us (Classes of 2021 & 2022) or Mr Woltjer, woltjer@owosso.k12.mi.us, (Classes of 2023 & 2024)
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Important AP Info to Consider

* Students are required to take the end of the year AP exam for each AP course, which normally occurs in May at the school during school hours
* The AP exams do cost money. Please let us know if this may be a deterrent for doing the class.
* AP class grades are weighted, meaning that the grading scale is on a 5.32 scale and not a normal 4.0
* AP Biology and AP Chemistry are schedule to be a two hour block each
* Online AP courses do exist, but the student would have had to request that early in the scheduling process with their counselor
* If the teacher requires AP Summer homework, the student is required to complete it before school starts. Not doing so, could start the student with a zero in the gradebook.
* Be aware of how many APs you will request for next year and take in consideration other after school activities. You do not want to overload your schedule.
* AP courses are like college courses. Students need to be responsible, have good attendance, manage their time wisely, and be willing to ask for help when needed
Please Select The Advanced Placement Course(s) that you are confirming that you will be doing for the 2020/2021 Academic School year at OHS. *
What AP Courses did you choose NOT to do that your originally requested?
Put any requested Online AP Courses below. For students who have already been approved by the counselor for online AP courses.
Will you also be doing any Dual Enrollment/Early College (classes or programs from either Baker College, LCC, Mott CC, GMAC Electrical, etc)? *
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