2017-18 John D. Donoghue
Rules & Description
.............. BASIC RULES:

— Contest entries must have been published from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018.
— One category for all newspapers.
— Maximum of up to three entries per newspaper. Each entry includes three articles.

.............. DESCRIPTION:

This award is in the memory of John D. Donoghue, longtime arts reviewer for The Burlington Free Press. This contest is designed to encourage and reward arts criticism that enhances the understanding and appreciation of the arts in Vermont.

Entries consist of three articles by each reviewer. An entry consists of either three reviews, or two reviews and one analysis. Entries must deal with the performing arts, film or visual arts, whether created and performed by amateurs or professionals, or literary criticism. Entries must be bylined stories by a staff writer or a regular contributor. Syndicated material will not be considered.

Stories will be judged on quality of writing, comprehension of topic, and the degree to which the review increase readers’ understanding of an appreciation for arts.

FULL RULES: https://www.vtpress.org/vpa/about/awards

You can submit one entry at a time on this page
For example, if your newspaper plans to submit three entries in this category, you will complete this form three times.

Each article/column/editorial within the entry should be a single PDF; the PDF can be the page(s) that the story appeared on in the print edition, or a print view of how the story appeared on your website.

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Changes and corrections: If you are submitting a web version of an article that first appeared in print, please briefly note if it has been changed since appearing in the print edition, and how so. If this article had a correction that is not apparent in the submitted text, please briefly describe it here.
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