Live Streaming Survey
For the first few weeks of February, we live streamed all Services via the Facebook Live feature on Facebook.
This is an outreach we would like to grow and do more often, but we need your help by giving us feedback and letting us know what you think.
We feel as a committee that this will be a great way to reach people outside of the walls of the church. The streaming service could be used no matter where you are. You can watch on a computer, or on smartphone. You could be in a car going to or from vacation, or recovering from surgery in the hospital. It can also be a great way introduce someone to Christ and/or KMBC.

Please take this simple survey and let us know what you think.

**Please fill this survey out only one time per person please.**

Thank you for your support!
-The AV Committee

Do you have a Facebook account?
Would you be interested in our Church streaming our Services Live to the internet?
Have You Ever Watched An Uploaded Service On YouTube Or Website?
What platforms do you currently use?
What other Live Streaming service could you see us streaming to?
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about Live Streaming our Church Services?
Your answer
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