Oak Project Mentee Application 2020
The purpose of this application is to help us better pair you with mentors that you can help to experience spiritual, professional, and relational growth.

Groups will be paired in November of 2019 and the official kickoff for the program will be in January 2020.

We ask for your commitment of meeting with your group once a month for all of 2020.

There is a $40 program fee for those that are accepted into the program. Application fee scholarships are available for those in need of assistance.
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Are you continuing with your Oak Project group from last year?
Would you like to be paired with someone in your identified industry, if possible? *
Tell us about you: (specific jobs, community groups, roles, hobbies, and passions etc.)
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Have you been mentored before? Tell us what the relationship looked like. What worked well and what challenges did you experience?
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Please select the competencies you would like to discuss in your group (Select at least 3)
What has led you to want to be mentored? What do you hope to learn?
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Are you a part of a local church? If you are, please share which church you regularly attend.
This question is meant to help us better engage churches and communities. The Oak Project Mentorship Program seeks to serve all Christian believers.
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Would you be open to being in a mixed gender group? *
If you have a LinkedIn profile, please copy and paste your LinkedIn page URL so that you can be invited to Oak Project Members group.
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We want to be completely transparent about the expectations we have as you commit to a mentoring relationship with the Oak Project. The following are a series of commitments we ask of you in order to help each and every group experience life-giving growth.
I have prayerfully determined that I would like to serve as a mentee and have considered the time it will require me to invest. *
You will be sent a personality assessment before the program starts to help the groups learn about themselves and have a dialogue about how personalities play a large role in our lives. Do you agree to complete this assessment? *
Do you agree to watch the short training videos the Oak Project will send to you before your first meeting? *
I will review the leadership modules that will be given to mentors and mentees and discern if this material would be beneficial to our group. *
I agree to meet monthly from January to December with my group. *
Comments: Is there any other information you would like us to know about yourself?
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