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Blessings, my name is Wangũi wa Kamonji and I am a reindigenising Afrikan based in Nairobi, offering embodied practices, spaces and opportunities to reconnect deeply to self, Spirit, Earth and our Afrikanness in expansive and grounded ways. I have been on a decolonising/reindigenising journey for about a decade now and want to step more fully into supporting other Afrikans on a similar journey. Along my journey I have gathered a wealth of knowledge, practices and experiences (and continue to), that I want to share so that you can feel supported on your journey, unlike I did when I started out. I would like your help in figuring out some of what this looks like and what would be most helpful hence this survey.

Thank you for taking the time to fill this survey out, and do forward this to anyone else who is on a similar journey as we are. I will use your answers as a guide and they will remain confidential.

You may keep in touch with me and what I'm cooking on email: wakamonji[at]gmail[dot]com or Instagram @_fromtheroots
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Would you describe yourself as being on a decolonising, reconnecting to roots, and/or reindigenising journey? *
How long have you been on this journey? *
How would you describe your journey? *
Why is decolonising, reconnecting to roots, or reindigenising important for you in your life? *
What inspired, sparked or provoked the start of your journey? *
What resources (people, places, things) have you used or currently use to support you on this journey (please indicate for each resource whether paid or unpaid)? *
What resources have you tried that DID NOT work for you (and why)? *
What resources have you tried that DID work for you (and why)? *
What internal and external barriers have you faced in attempting to resource your journey? *
How much time would you estimate you spend per month on learning or resourcing yourself on this journey? *
How much money would you estimate you spend per month on learning or resourcing yourself on this journey (specify currency)? *
What have been your biggest challenges or frustrations on your journey? *
What is one thing or question you have about decolonising/indigeneity/African traditions that you wish you understood more? *
What areas of your life are you being most loudly called to transform at the moment in your journey? *
If you could access them, what help or resources do you wish you had at this moment to feel more deeply supported, nourished and reassured on your journey? *
Where do you consume the majority of your media from? [check all that apply] *
Do you have a body-based practice (e.g. yoga, movement, reiki, dance, massage, etc.)? And if so which one(s)? *
What is your occupation or work that you do in the world? *
Where are you based geographically? [Town, Country, Region] *
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