Global Naturism Market Research 2020 - Naturists Survey
The survey is aimed at naturists and naked recreationists.

The deadline for replying to the survey is 30 August 2020.

Answering the survey is necessary for those who later want to apply for a naturist identity (Naturism-ID) and join the naturist web environments, including Naturism.Network and Naturist.Holiday. Answering the survey also gives you the possibility to receive the latest news about naturism developments and opportunities, and join the online environments in the Beta stage.

Please spread the survey among those you know to be nudists, naturists.

The survey is conducted and processed by Don Simon Tompel (Lifestyles Marketing Ltd / Naturism Marketing), who is a visionary, a creator of collaboration and marketing solutions, developer, software architect, a marketer and promoter for a nature-friendly lifestyle and international naked recreation.

His mission is to modernize the organization of naturism, to popularize naked holidays, and to establish and coordinate an international network for joint marketing, culture, and tourism.

If you have any questions and suggestions, please contact

Contents of the survey:

1. Introduction and use of email address
2. Personal data (anonymous)
3. Identity and interests of naturism
4. People you want to meet
5. Community lifestyle
6. Occupational lifestyle
7. Volunteering & Giving
8. Traveling and naked recreation
9. News and entertainment
10. Feedback and propositions (free text)

You can change your responses immediately after answering the survey.

The result of the survey will be made public on the Naturist.Holiday, Naturism.Network and Naturism.Marketing web sites.

The survey organizer does not share or disclose the personal data of the respondents to third parties. The survey and its results are anonymous.

The survey is anonymous, but an email address is required.
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