Bully Busting 108 Are you listening? Part 2
Knowledge is power!

Five Truths to consider when dealing with people:
1. People have wants and needs
2. People want to be treated with dignity and respect
3. People want to be asked--not told
4. People would rather have options than be threatened
5. People like second chances

P stands for Paraphrase. In paraphrasing, you look past the words. You identify the feeling behind what they are saying. Instead of letting the other person rant, break in and paraphrase to make sure you are understanding the situation correctly. Use words like "let me see if I got this straight..."

HERE IS WHAT PARAPHRASING DOES FOR YOU: It stops the assault, gives you feedback (knowledge is power), brings down the anger.

S is for Summarize. Summarizing the situation ensures that you accurately know all the facts and feelings surrounding a situation. Once you believe you understand the situation correctly you can hopefully get some closure.

FINAL NOTE: NEVER REACT TO WORDS! This module has given you the tools to comprehend the meaning behind the words. Meanings that you can appropriately respond too and ACT on, rather that REACTING on.
PARAPHRASE: you are trying to make sure you are understanding the bully correctly. *
Would this be a good example of paraphrasing? "Let me see if I got this straight, you are in a bad mood already, and you don't like it when I am cheerful around you?"
SUMMARIZE: now you want to get some closure. *
Is this response getting closure: "OK, I see now that you get angry when the Titan's lose and if they lose again, I will leave you alone and just take my good mood somewhere else."
Is knowledge power *
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