Mask Request Application for Schools
Thank you for your interest in the BStrong back to school initiative with Global Empowerment Mission to provide PPE in Schools. We look forward to helping maintain safety at our nation’s school this fall. If your school is in need of a PPE donation, please complete the following questionnaire and note that this application should only be used for individual schools. This application cannot be used to apply for PPE donations for an entire school district. If you are a representative for a school district please send an email to: Or call (800)995-7604 ext. 2.

All questions on this application must be completed and an accurate mailing address and contact phone number must be provided. Please allow five business days for your application to be reviewed and you may be contacted by a member of the BStrong/Global Empowerment Team to review for school’s application and PPE needs.

If you have additional questions please email:

Or call (800)995-7604 ext. 2.
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STATEMENT OF AGREEMENT *The disclosure of information on this form is voluntary; however, missing information may prevent assistance. Application submission does not guarantee approval. A committee will review and make decisions based on the organizations current funding and the urgency of each situation. By agreeing below, you solemnly swear that the information contained herein is reported in true faith. I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO THE TERMS & CONDITIONS STATED ABOVE. *
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