Student Feedback for WildCam - PART 1
We recently launched WildCam Lab as a tool for students to investigate questions using trail camera data. This is a work in progress and we plan to improve the Lab and update it with new features over the coming months. You are one of the first students to use WildCam Lab in your class and your feedback will be extremely valuable to help improve the tool for other students. We will use all of your feedback to fix things that are broken, improve things that are confusing, and add new features to the site.

Please provide feedback as you work through the first activity that you were assigned (Building Ecological Pyramids). Answer these questions immediately after you do each task. Please note that all of the questions require an answer. If you did not encounter any issues or have no comments, please write "N/A" into the comment field.

During this survey, we refer to WildCam Gorongosa and WildCam Lab:

WildCam Gorongosa is the site where you identify animals in photos (

WildCam Lab is the site where you explore data using a map (

Thank you for your time and feedback!

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