NMF 2020 Host Questionnaire
If you would like to host musicians during the 2020 National Music Festival, please fill out this brief questionnaire. Email caitlin@nationalmusic.us with any questions. Thank you!
First Name *
Last Name *
Street Address *
City *
Zip Code *
Landline Number
Cell Phone Number
Email Address *
How many rooms are available? Please state how many and what size beds are in each room. *
Do the rooms have private or shared bathrooms? *
Does anyone in the home smoke? *
Are there any children in the home? If so, do they play an instrument? (We will attempt to match the apprentice's instrument with your child's.)
Are there any pets in the home? If so, please list. (We need to be aware of pets in case musicians have allergies.) *
May guests use your kitchen? *
Will guests have access to the internet? *
May guests use your laundry facilities? *
What is the approximate mileage from your house to downtown Chestertown? How long does the drive take? *
Does anyone in your family speak a second language? If so, which language(s)? (Some foreign students will be attending.)
Do you have any special requests or guidelines for your guests to follow? If so, please list them. This is also a good place to let us know if there are guests from previous seasons you would like to host again (or not). Thank you!
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