Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Application
Thanks for your interest in our counselor-in-training (CIT) program! Applications are due April 30. Applicants must have a reference fill out our reference form, available online here:

Why are we requiring this? We want to feel comfortable with the people we’re selecting for this program, and we want you to have the experience of requesting a reference letter.

Applications are due April 30. Reference forms are due May 4. Applicants are invited to participate in group interviews in Tallahassee (May 5) or Jacksonville (May 11). Please plan to atend one interview. We will give specific details with times and locations closer to time. Decisions will be made after interviews.

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Our Program
This program serves to provide counselor training and experience for youth ages 16-18. CITs will meet throughout the week to learn more about interacting with campers and serving as a counselor, and they’ll practice what they’ve learned by leading activities, providing support to campers, leading devotions and more. Not only will this experience look great on a resume, but it will also teach important skills participants can use in a variety of situations.

There is no fee associated with our CIT program. Two-week participants will receive 40 hours of community service, and one-week participants will receive 20.

We expect that our CITs will:
- Approach the program with a ready-to-learn attitude
- Treat everyone at camp with respect
- Come to camp ready to serve
- Have an open mind toward information and others and listen actively
- Fully participate in the program and aim to make the most of it
- Look for opportunities to go above and beyond what’s asked
- Lean on their faith and strive to grow it
- Be open and honest in communicating their needs/wants
- Hold fellow CITs and staff members accountable
- Follow all camp and program rules
- Serve as incredible role models to our campers
Questions, Suggestions, or Concerns?
We'd love your feedback! Please contact Kylle Cahill-Patray (2019 Camp Leadership and LIT/CIT Director) at
But Wait!
Is a standard “answer these questions” application not for you? Feel free to instead film a video, write a poem, create a work of art, or answer these questions in a different way. As long as you answer all the questions, creative applications will be given the same weight in the selection process.
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