UIoSA Satyanarayan Pooja (101 Couples) 2019
United Indians of South Australia invites you to perform the auspicious 'Satyanarayan Pooja' along with other couples (101 in total) during our Arts and Cultural Festival of Ganesha.

We are doing this for the 4th year in a row to invoke the blessings in the presence of the mighty 11.3ft idol of Lord Ganesha.

There are no charges for being a part of this pooja, but you are welcome to put your offerings in the donation box kept at the hall.

LOCATION : Titanium Security Arena, 4A, Crittenden Road, Findon SA 5023

What you need to bring along with you for the Pooja:

Floor Mat for seating
Aasan (Chowki) of Satyanarayan Bhagwan (Photograph will be provided by us),
Kalash (copper lota),
Akhand Jyot (Diya) with ghee/oil
Hand Towels, Tissues

We will provide the Pooja Samagri, Photo of Lord Satyanarayan and our Priests will conduct the entire Pooja which you will follow.

MOST IMPORTANT : The Puja will start at sharp 9:30am. Please take your place and complete the Pooja setup well before this time, so that others are not put to any inconvenience.

For any questions, please call Sunil Thakare on 0430 022 127

Visit us online at www.uiosa.org.au or send us an email of unitedindiansofsa@gmail.com

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