Let's Make Art Matter
Every month we select someone we can support and love through the Let's Make Art community. In each monthly subscription box we supply a stamped and addressed watercolor paper postcard to someone who could benefit from some extra love. During each month, we will do a live paint along where we all paint the postcards at the same time and then drop them in the mailbox. A few days later, someone we love will have their mailbox stuffed with hand painted love to brighten up their walls and bring a smile to their face. That is how we "Make Art Matter".

This form is for our community to nominate individuals to be featured for this effort. If you know someone who just got some bad news or needs a smile, a little extra love or support, please nominate them here. If possible, please include a photo that can be used by us as well as the address where the postcards should be sent. The more complete this form is, the easier it will be for us to send someone a little bit of love.

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What's the nominated person's name? *
How old is this person? (best guess is fine) *
What's this persons story? / Tell us why this would help? *
Any helpful links we should look at to help us?
Who is a point of contact for them? (example - if it's a child, we should talk to their parent) *
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Please attach a photo of the person/family being nominated. This is needed to create the postcard if they are selected.
ADDRESS NEEDED: Where should the postcards be sent?
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