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Women's Masters Network is excited to present: 'TRIBES' - Launched in April of 2020!

You are seeing this form because you have expressed interest in learning more about or participating in a 'Tribal' group.

THE PURPOSE OF THIS FORM is to understand what you want to experience in your Tribe to help us ensure that your Tribal experience is outstanding for you!

At Women's Masters Network - we are launching tribes to deepen connections and develop a community focused on supporting professional women's endeavors in professional and personal lives.

"One of us is not as great as ALL of us."

A Tribe will meet once a month.
Tribe meetings will focus on small groups to foster connections.
You must be a member of WMN to participate in a Tribal group meeting past August 2020.

You are not required to lead more than one Tribal meeting per year.
You may need to provide prework for a Tribal meeting.

MEETINGS are held virtually due to the pandemic.
An email will be sent to you in advance of the monthly meeting for information on how to participate.

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If you are interested in LEADING a Tribal Meeting: how many Tribal meetings would you like to lead? (You are not required to lead more than 1/year - this question is to gauge interest)
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