EOPEN Introduction and Demonstration Feedback Survey
This survey should be used following a demonstration of the EOPEN Platform or after having watched the EOPEN Developer Portal Walkthrough video. You can find the video here:

Please support the EOPEN project by completing the survey. It will help us in further promoting, extending and offering the results of the H2020 EOPEN project to the Earth Observation data user community.

With this survey we would like to hear from you how you feel EOPEN helps you.

Although this survey can be completed anonymously it would be useful to have some background information about you, such as your business affiliation, contact details. All of course respecting your privacy. We will only use your information to contact you about this survey and events for the EOPEN project. We will not share any information you provide.

If you would like to provide other feedback or wish to contact the project please respond to Leslie Gale, Innovation Manager EOPEN, leslie.gale@spaceapplications.com.
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