Q'D-UP Aotearoa Online - June 2020
6:30PM - 8PM Thursday 29 October 2020

Here's where you can sign up to join our online Q'D-UP, an event to connect rainbow rangatahi around the country during the lockdown. The event is for students currently in high-school/high school age.

We need people to sign up in advance to ensure privacy and safety. Once you've registered, we will send you a link to join us on Zoom (works on mobile or desktop computers as a downloaded app).

It'll probably feel a bit weird, but we hope you feel welcome and safe. No need to turn your camera on if you don't want, and you don't have to say anything. There's a message feature too, and we can split into smaller groups for some chats. You can mute the sound, or wear earphones, if you're worried about people in your house hearing.

OCTOBER THEME: In this month's Q'D-UP Aotearoa we're going to be thinking and talking about handover - what that looks like, why we do it, possible issues and potential solutions.

SHOW + TELL: We're trying out a new ice breaker this month (hopefully more fun and less awkward that traditional ice breakers) - show + tell! Each month we'll pick out a theme and invite you to bring something related to that theme to show us and tell us about it.

The thing could be an item, a poem, a song (one you perform or one we can listen to online), an image or even a story, it's up to you! You're welcome to interpret the the theme however you like. If you can make a link between the theme and the thing, then it counts!

This month's show + tell theme is: 'Good Job'. This could be an award you're proud of, something that reminds you of a good job you did, something you think someone else did a good job on, or anything else you can connect to the theme of 'Good Job'!
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