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Thank you so much for your interest in becoming an "invited artist" aligned with Alba's mission!

**A little bit about Alba:
Alba is a platform showcasing the journeys of individuals who have been affected by endometriosis, infertility and cancer. Alba is a collection of interviews, stories, photographic portraits, art and resources on multidisciplinary topics. The aim is to not only raise awareness, but a deeper understanding of invisible, chronic illnesses that have far-reaching consequences on the physical, mental and emotional well-being of those affected, as well as those who stand by their side.

Through its collaborations, Alba raises funds for special projects (such as educational workshops in high schools and workplaces, auctions, informative panels, photographic portrait sessions) as well as to make donations to research programs fighting for prevention, earlier diagnosis and proper treatment.

By highlighting the challenges, resilience and passion of individuals thriving despite their health struggles, Alba aims to empower, uplift and inspire others, guiding them from darkness to light, all the while raising funding for research.

**A little bit about the Alba collection:

One of our goals is to inspire and uplift individuals even through our fundraising initiatives. We curate a beautiful collection of uplifting products that are designed and created with passion by small business owners who have either been personally affected by some related physical or mental health challenges or who know individuals who have.

Objects have stories to tell; they are not only functional but they also evoke emotions and enhance wellness. The items in the Alba collection have been chosen to evoke feelings such as resilience, solidarity, wellness, self-care, motherhood and fertility.

Becoming an Alba artist means you see the value in this cause, you wish to contribute to the dialogue on physical and mental health, and you want to help us fight against taboos that force many individuals to suffer in silence. Becoming an Alba artist means aligning yourself with the mission and benefitting in turn from the world finding out about what you create and why.

**As an invited artist, you get:
1. 1 photo of your product (with your business name, description and shop link) presented in the Alba collection storefront for 1 month. This storefront shows up on 4 separate pages of our website (Home, Français, Shop, Boutique) and the presentation order is randomized with every site visit to give each artist equal visibility
2. the potential to make online sales through the exposure and traffic that Alba provides you. All sales are processed directly through you like any other order you get.
3. 1 social media mention about your product with a compelling caption about you on each of our social media platforms
4. the possibility of extra press (written, radio or tv) as the Alba team works extremely hard at garnering press attention to uplift its members and artists for the cause
5. the satisfaction of being part of an innovative, inspiring and important cause

This showcase costs $25 CAD (approx. $20 USD) per month, for as long as you wish to remain associated with the cause. For 2 consecutive months, you get a bundle deal for $40 CAD (approx. $32 USD).


Please respond to the questions in this form to be considered as an "invited artist".

Your answers will ideally be used on social media or press releases as extra promotion, so please do take the time to ensure that your responses are thoughtfully written.

**Please note that we try to keep the collection diverse and to balance the number of "invited artists" with the number of members and sponsors who join Alba. For this reason, we may not be able to accept all applicants. Artists are added to the Alba collection at the beginning of every month. We will communicate with you if there is a waiting list for the following month.

Thank you for your interest!

With gratitude and admiration,

Founder, Alba - A New Dawn
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