Wish To Help Others? Join The Abuse Healing Support Network (ProjectCrossPoint.com)

Healing sexual abuse is at the core of many (most!) socially disruptive issues. It can not be cured by separate activists doing work on their own. It can only succeed by aligning efforts by establishing deep levels of support and collaboration with each other. Together we become a web of relationships shaping communities that heal.

For Project Cross Point’s mission to be reached (and suggest possibly yours as well), it is crucial that the will of our work be shared with others who have the understanding, compassion, and wisdom to affect sustained change. This is how small solutions solve big problems. This is the basis for any successful network.

PCP’s initial pilot project is in the Twin Cities (St. Paul & Minneapolis) Minnesota, but don’t let your different geographic location stop you from joining this network. Active supporters like you, who come from unusual places, have unique backgrounds, and bring unexpected offerings, are important to this work's success.

The synergy of healing for any individual happens when intentional relationships join to form a supporting communal web around them. You may be a professional, an abuse survivor, or an unexpected idealist who sees the importance of ‘breaking the chain’ of abuse for our children. Let's talk about possibilities and connect to find synergies. It makes everyone’s individual efforts that much more powerful.

To build this healing web, our plans are to grow virally across the country, and hopefully worldwide. We invite each of you to join with us together to make this healing web happen! As a collaborating network of individuals and groups working together, we can free our children from abuse.


In Spirit,
The Project Cross Point Team

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