Table Read Live - 2020
Table Read Live

Script Submission Form

Looking for completed pilots and feature scripts of any genre.

Once scripts are chosen - local actors will be attached to the read. 

Feel free to share with other writers. 

Only scripts in .PDF format - written in the industry standard style will be read.

Make sure Google Drive or DropBox links do not require a 'permission request' - permission will not be requested and projects will not be read/considered.

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By accepting your Entry, including your submission of the Entry, we in no way grant you any additional rights therein or otherwise expand the scope of your rights under applicable copyright laws. You are solely responsible for protecting your rights in the Entry, including without limitation, for filing or registering the Entry with the Writers Guild of America and/or the United States Copyright Office. You acknowledge and agree that Atlanta Micro Theater and/or RoleCall and/or Screenplay South and/or any employees, members, and/or partners - as well as any participating judges may be independently developing or producing separate works which could resemble the Script and incorporate concepts, themes, formats, plot lines, or characters similar to those in the Script, and that you are not entitled to any compensation and have no rights of any kind with regards to that separate material. However, you retain all rights to the Script itself and any other creative materials submitted. *
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