ION Fix-It List
Construction on ION is almost complete!

On the plus side, we now get to see our new LRT in its final form!
On the downside, we now know what design issues never got solved satisfactorily, or what has been blindly engineered to a fault. At this point, it's becoming clear what problems aren't going to be fixed by GrandLinq, and will need to be fixed by the Region of Waterloo after the fact. These could be regarding curb cuts, pedestrian crossings, orphan retaining walls, second exits to station platforms,

Add any and all issues that you think will need fixing once construction completes.

This data will be collected, compiled, and analyzed for future blog post by TriTAG.
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By Mark Jackson-Brown

Short description: Corner radius at Charles & Queen
Long description: The south west corner of Charles/Queen has an absurdly small corner radius and is impossible to navigate.
Nearest station: Queen

(This example is thankfully resolved!

You can see the results here: (but please, don't worry about submitting duplicates! Duplicates mean that an issue affects many people.)
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