St. Paul's School, Mughalpur, Po - Chargawan, Gorakhpur PARENT'S CONSENT FORM- LAST DATE: 16/OCT/2020 Time: Till - 5:00 PM
Dear Parents / Guardians,

This is to bring to your kind notice that as per the orders of the government on September the 30th, 2020. Schools can open from 19th of October 2020. You are requested in this regard to send as soon as possible a letter of permission for your child to come to school and attend classes. It is for you to decide whether your child will come to school or not. A child who attends classes must have written permission from his/her Parents/Guardians.
In the beginning, students will stay in school only for 3 hours and the school management will ensure that Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) is strictly followed. Example: Cleanliness, Social Distancing and Thermal checking etc.
We expect and hope that children are already aware of the rules and precaution to be followed to fight the pandemic.
We are committed and excited to see that our children come to school and have quality education and we assure you that every child will be paid special attention and taken care of.
Please fill the following form and give the written permission.

Email address *
Name of the Child *
Class *
Roll No *
Father Name *
Mother Name *
Address *
We parents /Gurdian gladly give permission to my son/ daughter to go to school and study in the class room of the school campus. We assure that we are fully alert at home also and we are sending the child to school only when he/she is absolutely fit and fine. *
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