Chesed: Community Care @ T'chiyah
CHESED, Hebrew for "lovingkindness," connotes a generosity of heart and outpouring zeal for service and support. Our spiritual ancestor Abraham is seen as the model of chesed in the way that he opened his tent on all sides for visitors, and ran out to greet and serve strangers even in his old and infirm state!

Our Chesed Committe serves to coordinate material, spiritual, and social support for T'chiyah members who need it -- whether they are navigating a life-cycle transition (new births, loss of family member, etc), experience a sudden significant life event (job loss, health change), or other kind of emergency.

Requests for support from the Chesed Fund can be made by contacting T'chiyah staff at, who will liaise with the lay leaders of our Chesed Committee to respond to the request.

Use this form to list any Chesed needs that you have and to indicate your interest and ability to show up as a volunteer for the Chesed Committee.
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