2024 Stewardship Pledge Form
Stewardship is the value that embodies our responsibility to care for the Unitarian Church of Lincoln (UCL). Stewardship is not just about financial support, but also includes how we invest our time and talent in strengthening our church. 

Please use this form to detail how you will engage in stewardship of the Unitarian Church of Lincoln (UCL) in the coming year. 
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I am/ we are pledging the following investments in the Unitarian Church of Lincoln (UCL) for 2024.
I /we will invest THIS MANY volunteer hours of my/our time and talent this year in support of the church's operations in the following ways (in the next question)... *
These are the ways that I / we want to invest my / our time and talent this year: *
I am/ we are pledging the following amount to support our church's 2024 budget, which is the financial foundation of our vision.
I / we will make my / our pledge payments ... *
Please help us know how you intend to split up the total amount of time and talent you are investing or write NA (not applicable) if you answered zero hours. *
This space is for anything else that you would like the Stewardship Ministry Team to know. If you would like someone to respond to a question you have, please include your contact information in your response below.
If you would like a reminder of your 2023 Pledge, login to your Realm account (onrealm.org). Go to GIVING and you will see your pledge for 2023 on the right of the screen. Ask for help if needed.

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