ASB Group Proposal/Application 2016-2017
Thank you for applying to the group track of the MIT Alternative Spring Break Program. We will only accept one application per group. Please complete this form as the group leader of a pre-existing MIT student group (FSILG, Student organization, athletics team, Lab cohort, etc) or as the leader of a newly-formed student group (friends interested in the same topic, etc).

Steps to apply:
1. Pick a service issue you care about
2. Brainstorm who could be in your group
3. Submit an application
4. Meet with the PKG Center to talk it through
Still figuring it out? Apply anyways. We’ll follow up and help you plan the rest.
(Funding priority will be given to local sites: Boston, Cambridge, New England, Tri-State area)
*We'll fund up to 90% of a group's proposal once accepted

* Please note that in order for your application to be considered complete, you must submit an email with the following attachments to with the title "ASB Group Proposal 2017" by Wednesday 10/19/2016:
1) A copy of the group leader(s)' resumes

Feel free to stop by the PKG Center on the Group Brainstorming Days to discuss your proposal before you submit it. We'll help you think through logistics!

What public service issue would you like your group to focus on?
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How do you hope to recruit your group (are you an existing group, or will you need to find members)? We can help you find people with similar interests.
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Why is this public service issue important to you?
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Your name (First, Last)
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Your MIT email:
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Your MIT ID:
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Please list some times during the week when you could meet with PKG Center staff to discuss your proposal:
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