COMM Senior Seminar Request
Dear COMM Senior Majors:
If you are not successful in registering for a Senior Seminar in your final term prior to graduation, complete and submit this form. The Communication Department would like to help you secure a place so that you may graduate on time.

Questions or problems with submission? Email Monica Carroll at

Monica E. Carroll, Office Manager, Communication Dept., Hellems 96, 303-492-7307

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Total number of credits appearing on your degree audit (Note that you would need to have 99 credits to be considered a senior in their final semester) *
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If certain credits are missing from your degree audit please explain:
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Which Senior Seminar/s are you wait-listed for (please include COURSE NUMBER, SECTION #, class number) i.e.: COMM 4220 002 (64578)
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Do you have any holds on your record? (if yes, please explain) *
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Please provide 3-4 course choices, prioritized below. (1 being highest priority and 4 being lowest priority).
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Senior Seminar Priority 2
Senior Seminar Priority 3
Senior Seminar Priority 4
Have you completed the pre-requisites for ALL of the courses you chose? If not, check the ones for which you HAVE completed all the pre-reqs.
Would you need to take any pre-requisites concurrently with your Senior Seminar choices 1-4 (not recommended) If yes, please explain
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Do we have permission to drop you from conflicting courses (meet at same time)? If so, please list those other courses by subject, number, section ( ie COMM 3410 002)
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Forms will be reviewed in the order they are submitted. You will be given waitlist priority over students not yet graduating. Monica Carroll will contact you if a space opens up for you. Feel free to send inquiries to
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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