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Are you interested in environmental communication? Want to publish your work for an audience of over 30,000 readers?

Become a writer for the Yale Environment Review!

The Yale Environment Review (YER) is a student-run publication that aims to increase access to the latest developments in environmental studies. Our articles shed light on cutting-edge environmental research through summaries, analysis, and interviews. During this one-credit course, students will produce 1-2 articles on subjects of their choosing for publication on the YER website.

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Editors will be responsible for editing 6-8 articles throughout the course of the semester. Because of the extra time commitment, editors are only required to write one article per semester. If you are interested in being an editor, please indicate if you have any previous editing experience. This is helpful but not required!

List the preferred grouping of articles (2 Focus, 1 Focus + 1 Spotlight, or 1 Feature) you hope to write this semester (check out the “About Us” section of our website for more information about article types):

Look through our website, and after briefly looking at some of the articles, write a pitch (roughly 300 words) of an article that you would want to write for YER. Cite peer-reviewed articles, if necessary. *
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