Chilly P's Book Club Interest Form
We've gotten a lot of demand to join the book club lately but not a lot of participation from new folks. Also, there seems to be an optimal Goldilocks size for a great book discussion. With that in mind, we are introducing an interest form for aspiring members of Chilly P's, with the goal of bringing in new members who are prepared to attend the book club, participate in the conversation, nominate books, and vote on book selections, all at least twice a year. Please tell us more about yourself by answering the few questions below. Thank you!

-Meredith, Mihret, and Sean
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You meet someone intriguing while you're out about town. What book do you recommend to them and why? *
We read one book per month and meet on the following first Wednesday of the month at 6:00PM at East City Bookshop. How often do you think you will attend? *
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