Life After Lock-up! What do you need to Succeed?
New Chances is a non-profit organization located in San Diego, dedicated to helping woman and youth affected by incarceration. We feel it is important to hear from those we are dedicated to helping and serving, we appreciate if you would please take a few minutes to answer the following questions. Nothing is required and everything is confidential. We appreciate your help and look forward to better serving you and women like yourselves in our community.
After you were released from incarceration what did you need the most assistance with?
Did you receive the assistance you needed after being released?
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If you answered no to the above question, what was the reason you were unable to receive the assistance you needed?
What Type of services and resources did you receive after being released?
How would you rank the resources/services you received, if any after release. 1 being non-existent and 5 being everything I needed.
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What services and resources do you believe should have been offered and/or available to you when released that would have helped you be more successful?
What services and resources are there not enough of for women?
What programs or services do you think should be offered and available to you during incarceration that would assist with re-entry?
What assistance and services do you wish were available on the outside to you and your family while serving time?
For example bill assistance, getting car out of impound or paying car registration in order to not lose your vehicle, giving your child a birthday party, etc.) These are just examples anything you can think of that you wish you could have had someone help you with during your time incarcerated.
Have you struggled finding a job?
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How has having a criminal record impacted you when trying to find employment?
What is your ideal or dream job? If you could do anything you wanted for work when you were released, what would it be?
If you could own your own business, what would your business be?
If there was a program available that would allow you to start your own business would you sign-up?
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If you were to attend a weekly training that assisted you in starting your own business what is the best time in order for you to attend?
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If there was a program available that would allow you to learn computer coding would you sign up?
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If there was a program available that would allow you to learn graphic design and digital media would you sign up?
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Do you believe a mentor program, would be beneficial to success after serving time?
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If a mentorship program was available would you participate?
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Have you participated in any training, classes, or programs after being released from incarceration?
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If yes, did you gain anything useful or did anything change for you after attending/completing the class?
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Please share your previous experience with programs, classes, training's, groups etc. 1. what was the name of the program 2. how long was it 3. did you finish 4. was it worth it and if so what did you gain from it. If No why was it not worth it what would you do differently
Would you be more willing to participate in a career class if you were guaranteed a good paying job once completed?
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If you had to start a career training program while incarcerated and then complete it when you were released would you participate?
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Is there anything else you would like to share? Ideas, suggestions, stories, your experiences, what you would like to see changed in our system, programs, resources, our city, and our communities.
Would you be interested in volunteering or working at our organization, helping women and youth before, during, and after incarceration?
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If you answered yes, can you please provide us your email and contact information so that we can reach out to you to pursue new opportunities
How many times have you been incarcerated?
What is your age?
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Thank You!
We appreciate your help and support, please forward and share this survey. The more information we can collect the better we can serve our communities.Thank you again. - New Chances
If you or someone you know needs assistance please contact us at
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