Kindergarten Early Admission Testing Request
The J.O. Combs Unified School District is dedicated to education placement decisions that will best serve the children in our community. Decisions to accept a child for early kindergarten admission will be based on a clear indication that the child exhibits skills in areas of development that will most likely assure a successful kindergarten experience. The screening will be conducted by a team of kindergarten experts and parents will be notified regarding admission within one week. All decisions by the team are final and there will not be additional opportunities for re-screening.

By law, students must turn 5 by December 31 of the school year to qualify for early kindergarten testing.

The following checklist will be used by the team to help make a decision regarding placement. As you focus on each area, please think about observations/examples which would give evidence of your child's development in that area. *
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My child can use the toilet without assistance.
My child separates easily from family and adjusts to new situations.
My child can stick to one activity for at least 15 minutes.
My child plays well with other children and is able to take turns.
My child stops an activity when told to do so even if he/she does not want to stop.
My child respects the rights and property of self and others.
My child dresses himself/herself (except buttons, snaps, zippers, and buckles).
My child can participate in extended conversations.
My child can recognize and name many English letters.
My child can count up to 10 in English.
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