Irving Freecycle Request
This is a sign up sheet for current or former Irving Families and Staff seeking assistance - whether the assistance needed is food, clothing, shoes, winter gear, school supplies, toys/activities, yard work, time or something else...

Assistance will be solicited via the Irving Freecycle Facebook page provided by the Washington Irving Elementary PTO. ***If you are on Facebook - please post your request on the Irving Freecycle page. This form should be used only by those without access to Facebook or who wish to keep their requests private.***

Anonymous posts can also be sent to one of the moderators (Denise Frank, Maggie Cahill, Beata Rzucidlo or Vanessa Izar-McFadden). Anonymous requests will remain confidential.

The Irving Freecycle Facebook page and this request form are provided by the PTO to help connect fellow community members in need with members who can give.

We will do our best to fulfill your request.

If we have any questions, or issues, we will be in touch to help identify a solution.

As Helen Keller said "Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.”

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What type of assistance are you seeking? Please be as specific as possible, when possible. If you are in need of clothing or shoes, please be sure to indicate the sizes and quantities you need. *
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