Colorado Rising Sign-Up Presentations
Please sign up below for a 20-30 min presentation at the venue of your choice. We will try our best to accommodate a speaker to fit your needs.
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Describe the venue and audience. Include possible size of audience and any description about the audience that will attend. If you'd like a webinar, please note this here. We find that in person education is the most effective however. Please note that our ambassadors are volunteers so you will be responsible for inviting as many as you can so we can be effective. *
Please tell us if you already have a date and time in mind. If not, we can coordinate a date/time. *
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Language request- Some of our ambassadors speak different languages like Spanish and Hindi. Please note if you're requesting the presentation in a different language. If English, type "English", otherwise let us know the language requested. *
All of our ambassadors have a laptop and HDMI cable. What type of audio/visual support can be provided? We can also send you the powerpoint to show on any device you choose as well. *
Click below on "Yes, I understand" to note that you understand that every attempt will be made to connect you to a Colorado Rising Ambassador, knowing we are all volunteer-based and might not be able to fulfill your needs. If this is the case, we can support you in other ways. *
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