Enroll in Art House Theater Day
Thank you for participating in Art House Theater Day (AHTD) 2019 this September 18, 2019!

How to participate:

1. Make sure your theater meets the criteria for participation.

2. Review the list of available films below and make your selection. You can choose from our special pre-releases or put together your own program.

3. Fill out your enrollment form. Remember, you must fill out the form by August 21 to receive a poster.

4. Book your film directly with the distributor.

5. Wait to receive your poster and swag in the mail. You can download your digital pre-show via EclairPlay or Dropbox.

6. Download media assets from our website and start promoting your screening. Don’t forget to tag #AHTD2019

7. Host your special screening with the Art House Theater Day Pre-Show downloaded from EclairPlay or Dropbox.

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