Foundry 39 Tester
Nothing exciting beyond this point
This is your official Goose's Quizzes answer sheet for the livestream quiz located here:

Our livestream begins at 7pm BST but we will be accepting answers until 5pm BST the following day.

1. Enter a team name.

2. Let us know how many people are in your (quaran)team. Just one form per team, please!

3. Choose a sweet to represent tonight.

4. Fill in your answers in the order they are asked onscreen. Each of the rounds is a different section of the form.
1. Make sure your team size is under the limit for a mass gathering!

2. Penmanship is no longer an issue! Now is the time for the scribblers of the group to take charge.

3. Remember: this is your chance to surf along your own neural superhighway; if you wanted to spend time Googling, you can just do that while you're working from home ☺️
Please keep in mind that your team name will be posted publicly. Please try to be as unique as possible, as you'll want to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

*If we deem your name to be inappropriate, your score will not be posted*
Please enter your team name below *
How many people on your team? *
Which country (or countries) are you taking part from?
Sweets Tournament; pick your team. *
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