St. Patrick's 2020 Mass Sign-up
Welcome back to St. Patrick's Catholic Church, we're excited to finally see you again!

We're allowed to use 25% of the church capacity, so we'll be limited to about 60 people per Mass. When more mass sign ups are made available, we will post it on the website, Facebook page, and send it out via email (if you give us permission). If you do not have a computer you may call 262-473-3143 X113 and leave a message and staff will register you. It's strongly recommended to come with a face mask.

Mass sign-up will be closed at 12pm the Friday before Mass. This gives us time to get organized.

Upon submitting you will receive an email with a copy of your response. If you later decide not to come, please click "Edit response" in the email and set "How many should we expect for Mass?" to "0". For this reason it's important to put in a valid email address. We look forward to seeing you!

Current capacities (100% means it's filled):
Saturday, August 8th @ 5pm, English 100%
Sunday, August 9th @ 9am, English 45%
Sunday, August 9th @ 11:30am, Spanish 100%
Saturday, August 15th @ 5pm, English 43%
Sunday, August 16th @ 9am, English 13%
Sunday, August 16th @ 11:30am, Spanish 76%
Saturday, August 22nd @ 5pm, English 55%
Sunday, August 23rd @ 9am, English 16%
Sunday, August 23rd @ 11:30am, Spanish 33%
Saturday, August 29th @ 5pm, English 28%
Sunday, August 30th @ 9am, English 3%
Sunday, August 30th @ 11:30am, Spanish 50%
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