Agri-food Masterclass

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The Agri-food Masterclass will be conducted in English. A good level of English will be needed. You will need to complete this application in English as it will be examined by a Greek and foreign selection committee.

Before you begin, we suggest you first prepare the following questions offline which you will be asked to fill in on this questionnaire:

- Business idea
Describe shortly your business idea. (250 char.)

- Profile
Please provide us with information about yourself (background, skills and/or professional experience) and your role in your business idea / team / company. If you are a team, please answer the above questions for each member. (2,000 char.)

- Product / Service
What is the final product or service you will deliver? At what stage is your product / service (idea / research / pilot version / market)? Does it make use of any technology? What specific need / gap in the market / problem does it address? (2,000 char.)

- Innovation and/or Competitive advantage
What is innovative about your product / service? E.g. Our innovation lies in our business model and our method of production. What is your greatest competitive advantage that will make your business sustainable on the long term versus your competition? (4,000 char.)

- Market
Which is your target market (local, national, international, B2B, B2C etc.)? How do you intend to penetrate this market? E.g. We address the tourism and activities market, which has a total size of 150 billion globally and we satisfy the need for guided tours in outdoor spaces. (3,000 char.)

Some additional information regarding your contact details (email address, telephone, team names etc), and team attendance at the Agri-food Masterclass will also be asked at the beginning and end of this questionnaire.

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