PRE-WORKSHOP—RDAS: Revised Dyadic Adjustment Scale
Most people have disagreements in their relationships. Please indicate below the extent of agreement or disagreement between you and your partner for each item.

Please respond for yourself. If you are using the same device, your partner may submit a unique response after you complete your submission.

If requested after you complete the survey, a copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provide.

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Always Agree (5)
Almost Always Agree (4)
Occasionally Agree (3)
Frequently Disagree (2)
Almost Always Disagree (1)
Always Disagree (0)
Religious matters
Demonstrations of affection
Making major decisions
Sex relations
Conventionality (correct or proper behavior)
Career decisions
All the time (0)
Most of the time (1)
More often than not (2)
Occasionally (3)
Rarely (4)
Never (5)
How often do you discuss or consider divorce, separation, or terminating your relationship?
How often do you and your partner quarrel?
Do you ever regret that you married (or lived together)?
How often to you and your mate "get on each other's nerves"?
Every Day (4)
Almost Every Day (3)
Occasionally (2)
Rarely (1)
Never (0)
Do you and your mate engage in outside interests together?
How often would you say the following events occur between you and your mate? *
Never (0)
Less than once a month (1)
Once or twice a month (2)
Once or twice a week (3)
Once a day (4)
More often (5)
Have a stimulating exchange of ideas
Work together on a project
Calmly discuss something
For office use only CON       SAT     COH     TOT
Consensus (1-6): 22; Satisfaction (7-10): 14; Cohesion (11-14): 11; Total: 48

Crane, D. R., Bean, R.A., & Middleton, K. C. (2000). Establishing criterion scores for the Kansas Marital Satisfaction Scale (KMSS) and the Revised Dyadic Adjustment Scale (RDAS). The American Journal of Family Therapy, 28 (1), 53-60.
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