FernLeaf Volunteer Tutor Application
We are recruiting volunteer tutors to assist in the academic support of our amazing FernLeaf students!

Volunteer tutors will be asked to commit to coming in at a designated time for at least 30 minutes per week to work with small groups of students on targeted academic skills. Previous teaching or tutoring experience is preferred, but not required.

The process begins with the completion of this Volunteer Tutor Application and a background check. If you or anyone you know might be interested in this opportunity please complete this application. If you have questions, please contact Molly at molly.luplow@fernleafccs.org.
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Education, Training, & Skills
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Please list which area(s) you studied in college (if applicable).
Please list any special skills or certifications you hold (if applicable).
Do you have past experience teaching or tutoring (preferred, but not necessary). If yes, please describe.
Do you have any experience working with students with learning differences? If yes, please describe.
Volunteer Experience
Please list any volunteer experience you have had. Most recent experience first. Please include the organization your worked with, your title/position, and the dates of your volunteer work.
Please list two, non-family member references. Be sure to include email and phone contact information for each. *
General Information
What subject area(s) are you most interested in tutoring in? *
Do you have a preference in grade level? If so, please list here. *
What days and times are you available to tutor? We are looking for a regular, weekly, scheduled commitment (at least 30 minutes). *
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Tutor Awareness Agreement
The goal of our Volunteer Tutor Program is to provide a safe and thriving learning environment for all FernLeaf Students.

These are actions we encourage for successful tutoring:
Respect all students, faculty and staff with whom you encounter
Be prompt and dependable
Be patient and flexible
Listen openly
Accept cultural and religious differences
Keep it simple and concise
Be aware of your own biases
By checking the box below, I acknowledge the importance of the Tutor Awareness Agreement and will work to follow the guidelines listed above. In addition, I confirm that the information I have provided in this application is true. *
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