Audience Profiling
The Aurora Opera House is building up a profile of its audiences. This is in part being done through a computerised bookings and sales system that requests the very basic information from ticket buyers.
It is further enhanced by the investment of time and energy into personal relationships with opera patrons, especially repeat ones. The Aurora Opera House takes pride in the fact that there is practically no man unknown by name among the audience. Rather, each and every patron, whether through online sales or box office, would have been talked to, or emailed in a private and personalised manner. It is estimated that 85% of the persons who purchase their tickets online, and who would receive a personalised email, would reply back. An absolute 100% of those persons who purchase their tickets from the box office, either in person or by sending payments by cheque and receiving their tickets by post, get a personalised handwritten signed note of thanks and welcome together with the contact points of the opera house. All of this makes audience profiling much easier.

By the end of 2016 an audience profiling exercise, that respects privacy and confidentiality, is expected to be designed in time to be launched for the sales of October 2017 operas.
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