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Pi Mu Mu - Philadelphia Regional Survey
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The Chapter Of Like-Minded Leaders!
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Are you currently financial with Omega?
If No, how long has it been since you were financial?
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Are you affiliated with a chapter in the Delaware Valley?
If yes, what chapter?
Is Omega Doing "A Good Job" in the region?
If Yes, what is Omega doing well?
If No, What can Omega do better?
If You Don't Know, What can Omega do that would be valuable to you?
Do you have any additional recommendations for Omega Initiatives in the region?
Pi Mu Mu is organizing "Clubs" within the Chapter (i.e. Prayer Club, Exercise Club, Sports Club, Business Club, etc.).  Would you be interested in joining a Chapter Club like this?
If Yes, what Club(s) would interest you?  (Feel free to make recommendations if you don't see what you like!)
In a few words, what is Omega's "Brand" to you in the Philly Region? 
Please, provide any additional thoughts or recommendations that would make Omega, in the Delaware Valley, Better!
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