Calling Top-Tier CTOs & Senior Developers - Enroll Now in the free Blockchain Academy Class 3
Class 3 is starting on May 20th 2019

Blockchain Israel is delighted to announce the launch of the free, personalised, curated, and expert-driven 3-month program Blockchain education program, the Blockchain Israel Academy.

The academy is inviting top-tier CTOs, senior developers, DevOps, product managers and researchers to master the tools to help their projects succeed.

The Blockchain Israel Academy program will feature intensive courses based on Harvard, Stanford University and MIT models and be guided by industry leaders and global blockchain technology experts through 12 intensive weeks of 8 modules over a 2-month program.

You'll have the opportunity to engage directly with coders, programmers, and developers using blockchain technology and learn how your industry is adapting, innovating, and growing.

You'll be invited to join our developer community program and given access to our partners on the ground, with additional support for startup ecosystems.

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Would you like to participate to our upcoming "Blockchain Israel Academy" 3-month program?
Blockchain Israel Community is a powerful tool to help coders and developers find their purpose.
Whether they are embarking on their own or competing within a team, this is an opportunity to provide the support and tools they need to bring their applications from lab to market.

We've designed our initiative around an educational model that leads the way for tech education: it’s bold, it’s effective, and our members love it.

Join our developer community initiative and gain access to our partners on the ground and strong support for startup ecosystems.

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Date of the first course:
May 13, 2019

Courses are held on Monday mornings from 9:00 to 12:00 and are followed by our incubation program.

Center Tel Aviv - TBD


Event: Prelaunch Class 3
A meetup will be organized on May 6th, 2019

Center Tel Aviv

Explore the program of Blockchain Academy Class 3
Your participation
You will receive a confirmation for your participation on May 1st 2019.

Participant engagement is for the 12 courses.

Students will get a certificate for their participation.

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