NEOISF Mentor-Match -- Proteges
The NEOISF Mentor-Match is a double-blind matchmaking program offered by the NEOISF board. Its purpose is to help the community grow by assisting mentors and proteges build positive relationships.

This version of the questionnaire is for Proteges.
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What would be a reasonable amount of time each week or month for you to devote to mentoring activities (including internship/apprenticeship, if applicable)? Please check ALL that apply.
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This will be used to ensure that your mentor is within a workable radius for in-person meetings. Please list a ZIP code (home, work, in-between, or otherwise). If you would like to choose a nearby ZIP: Downtown Cleveland is 44114. Independence is 44131. Downtown Akron is 44308. North Canton is 44720.
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This will be used to ensure that your mentor is within a workable radius. Please choose the longest distance (in miles) you would be willing to travel to meet with your protege. If you are offering an internship/apprenticeship, only, please select "0."
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Under the NEOISF Mentor-Match program, mentors will assist proteges in fields of focus and impart career advice. Mentors will be expected to help proteges by providing guidance and insight. Proteges are expected to take advice and initiative, respecting the valuable time mentors have given to the relationships. Proteges will respect the relationship and understand that mentors may expect certain independent projects/tasks, designed to help the protege grow, completed before additional guidance is provided. These projects and tasks may include but are not limited to, opensource coding, writing of blog posts, public speaking, attendance in industry meetings, and in time becoming a mentor to others. At any point either party may end the mentor/protege relationship. Mentors are expected to keep in touch and assist proteges but are not expected to "hold a protege's hand" during projects. Disclosure of a protege's progress may be communicated to the NEOISF board if a new mentor-ship is needing established.
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