Reciprocal Birthright - Madison 2017
What is "Reciprocal Birthright"?
The Jewish Federation of Madison and Partnership2Gether, for the Sea of Galilee region, are happy to announce a great program for this spring: Reciprocal Birthright Madison 2017!

Jewish Young Adults have the opportunity to attend Taglit/Birthright, where they travel to Israel for 10 days to learn about the Jewish homeland, it’s history, and culture. We are inviting a small group of Israeli’s to experience American Diaspora Jewry through an exchange program based on the Taglit model. From May 16-24 six Israelis (average age 25) will fly to the Midwest for a trip formatted similar to the Taglit Birthright experience.

We are looking for local young adults (19-28) to join us on our Midwest Reverse Birthright trip. They will get to experience the tourist sites of our area, and will see what it is like to be a Jew in America. This opportunity will allow for a small group of Israeli’s who are immediately post-military service to visit the Midwest and have a new perspective on what it means to be an American Jew. As we had the opportunity to visit many different cities in Israel, these Israelis will have the ability to see Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago. They will learn about our Jewish culture, institutions and issues facing the American Jewish community. When on birthright, IDF soldiers are paired up with the tour groups and when the Israelis come to Madison they will be accompanied by Americans their age as well as Federation staff.

We believe the Israelis should have an experience they will always remember, similar to how people speak of their birthright trip. To function as a true partnership, we need to foster a better understanding about the issues and pressures confronting Jews in the world today. Capturing the momentum and positive feelings towards Israel post birthright continues to be a dilemma. The reverse birthright trip allows American Jews to connect with Israel as hosts, and will bridge the gap between Israelis and American Jews. The result will be stronger advocacy for Israel and increased support. The trip will increase connections between the people of Sovev Kinneret and its American partners.
We expect to build stronger ties to the partnership community in Israel, along with giving the Israelis the unique perspective of what it means to be Jewish in America. Participants will learn the American culture through their own experience rather than hearing it from the individuals on birthright.
The trip will consist of a trip throughout the Midwest including: Chicago, Madison, and Milwaukee. We have programming that will include different events and attractions focusing on our local communities, Israeli connections, and Judaism in America.
So how much does it cost?
The program is completely free for local young adults and students. The Jewish Federation of Madison will cover all costs. Lodging (hotels) will be provided for the trip.
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