StarLift Application Form (2017 and further)
Hello! We are in the process of updating our website, stay tuned! We are very sorry, but on the basis of feedback from the USA, we are currently FOCUSING ON DEVELOPERS ONLY. We are collecting applications on a continuous basis and would like to hear from you, even if you may not be ready to go to the USA just yet, as we would like to provide feedback and support if needed to get you to the necessary level. Information provided in this form will determine your readiness to go to the US and serve to find the best matches between your skills, experience, goals and motivation and startups' needs and requirements. It is your business card, your resume, everything the startups in the USA will receive to judge whether YOU might be the right fit for their venture. We sincerely advise you to spend good time on it (as well as your LinkedIn profile and your online professional portfolio), as it may simply change your life :). We advise you to read through
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