Perkiomen Valley High School Career Fair, Future Readiness Workshops and Volunteer Fair - Thursday, November 14, 2019 (7:30 - 10:30 AM)
What can you do this year to help prepare over 1,850 high school students for life beyond PV?

Please join us for Perkiomen Valley High School’s annual Future Readiness Event (Career and Volunteer Fair) on Thursday, November 14th.

The Career Fair portion helps our students explore a wide variety of career options while giving them a realistic picture of the job market and dispelling some career myths. This highly interactive, trade-show forum allows students the opportunity to discuss with you topics like career paths, secondary education, growth in your fields and so much more. This setting is particularly great for students who just aren't quite certain what they might want to do when they graduate.

Our Workshops involve juniors (1 workshop selection) and seniors (2 workshops) in small group settings. Typically, the workshops involve a moderator (you?) coupled with a Perkiomen Valley HIgh School faculty member. The moderator usually has some information prepared and then opens it up for discussion/questions from the students. Since the students select their workshops, we anticipate that they are engaged and interested in the topic(s). We are eager to offer a wide variety of workshops with the focus on Future Readiness... what do you think our students need to learn to successfully transition to life beyond high school?

The Volunteer Fair (same time and day) offers our students an opportunity to connect with our community leaders, learn about your mission and find meaningful ways to get involved. Our high school students often choose to volunteer to complete their Graduation Projects or satisfy NHS or club requirements. Many of our students report that volunteering in our community is one of their favorite things, giving them a sense of purpose. Last year's graduating class completed well over 23,000 hours of community service.

The most important part of this event is YOU.
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