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This is the form where you share what you did last month and what you have coming up this month! DUE by 9 pm on the 4th or 5th unless it falls on a sunday or holiday. THANKS!
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How many Faces did you do last month? Physical or virtual? (Faces for virtual only count if you did a one one one consultation OR they bought something from you at a party) not just someone who was in a group. *
Did you complete a power program? If so which one?
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How much did you sell last month? *
What was your wholesale on submitted to the company last month? *
How many training calls/chats/coffees/guests did you complete? *
How many Group apts did you complete? *
How many Guests toVirtual happy hour did you hold?
What did you do well last month? *
What do you want to improve for this month? *
How many bookings do you have for this month? (a booking is a facial, double facial, networking event, booth, or career chat already scheduled or held for the new month) *
How many groups with guest list? Please post hostess below with dates! *
What do you love most this month about Mary Kay?
What would you like more training on?
How many Century Club reorder customers do you have so far this year (starting july 1)? *Customers reordering at all since july ( accumulated)
Did you get a promotion ? If so, what title to what title?
Did you do a COURT MONTH last month? (2 new team members or $1500 wholesale to the company) *
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