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Eritrean's Less Cool Pick Em- Week 1
What team are you?
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Jaguars(noahcrosley) vs Titans(Ponder_Puddle)
Vikings(Kocyigit) vs Packers(bigpoppa13)
Raiders(ajdellinger) vs Ravens(Kalashnikova)
Dolphins(ColtsFanZach) vs Chiefs(karmali)
Lions(spidermanjka2k) vs 49ers(itshurleytime)
Giants(jimcosbeyhouse) vs Falcons(stiller609)
Cowboys(MisterPickel) vs Rams(Chazboksi)
Bengals(Goonzo) vs Eagles(danchan22)
Redskins(BioSin) vs Browns(JHodo)
Bears(Eritrean_Redditor) vs Texans(AutomaticGats)
Cardinals(bonerjohnson) vs Jets(Chadlett)
Broncos(oobydoob) vs Bucs(BoldTitan)
Panthers(AeroXero) vs Chargers(tbeezy)
Seahawks(Greenaholic) vs Saints(tomx312)
Colts(pyromantics) vs Steelers(DrKrausenbach)
Bills(lconstantl) vs Patriots(Dysastrous)
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