Friends of the Farmers Market
The Friends of the Farmers Market is a nonprofit organization with a Fiscal Agent Agreement under the Rochester Area Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization.
Monthly on the first Tuesday (pending holiday rescheduling) 6:30-7:30 PM RFM Office at 1421 3rd Ave SE, Rochester, MN Conference Room
The mission of the Friends of the Farmers Market is to aid in the Rochester Downtown Farmers Market’s growth and secure its place in our community.
A healthy community that supports sustainable agriculture and the family farm
* Find a permanent, year-round home for the Rochester Downtown Farmers Market
* Encourage healthy and sustainable food choices
* Advocate for the Market as a key connection between local farmers and their customers
* Bring recommendations from the perspective of the customers and community to improve the overall quality of
the marketplace
* Promote local food production, sale, and consumption from a sustainable marketplace
Organization Chart
Commitments and Calendar
Term: 24 months (renewable)

Generally March – February, however mid-term appointments and transitions may be made at discretion
of the Board
President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary
Code of Conduct
a. Attendance and preparedness

i. Attend 75% of commitments during term (regular meetings and special events)
ii. Attend at least one Market per quarter
iii. Anticipated time commitment of 2-5 hours per month

b. Practice strong interpersonal skills and organizational values including adherence to mission and vision

c. Alert the Board to any conflicts of interest (specifically related to finding/funding a permanent facility in
downtown Rochester, MN)

d. FoFM public presentation with “one voice”
i. Internal discussion and debate encouraged
ii. Confidential and unified on decisions

e. Communication with staff channeled through President and Market Manager
Annual FOFM Calendar
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