Fall 2020 Survey
WMNEMBA wants to hear from all of you who enjoy riding our trails. We are stewards of these great trails and care deeply about sustaining their quality. This summer the MWV has seen increased traffic on the trails and it's time to plan for a little TLC. This survey asks for your thoughts on trail work and seeks to create a trail monitoring system with Trail Adopters. Trail Adopters would be folks who ride a particular trail often and are willing to pick up sticks, do minor clipping and report to the trail crew what other maintenance is required. It's not a commitment to DO all the work, but to periodically assess maintenance needs. Your email address is required to insure that everyone who replies to the survey gets a single entry; WMNEMBA will not use this information unless you volunteer to adopt a trail. We look forward to hearing from riders in the valley. Please share with friends who may not be on our mailing list!
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Project List- these are some of the known areas to focus on this coming Spring/Summer. Not everything may be able to be completed, but having a to do list helps focus our efforts
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High Priority
Approach to swamp bridge on Electric Loop
Mitigate water on Ult. Singletrack
Improve north end of elevated bridge on Swamp
Rebuild bridge on The Link
Improve climb on North end of Mineral Site
Kiosks at Thompson Rd and Hemlock
Fix water spots on Lucille
Wet areas on High School Trail
Wet areas on Quarry Trail
What can WMNEMBA do better?
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