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We, at QA: Challenge Accepted 007, give an award to people who are passionate, skillful, and willing to contribute to the QA community. Here are the nominees for this year:
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Candidate 1: Anton Angelov
Anton is CTO and Co-founder of Automate The Planet Ltd, one of the world's most popular blogs for quality assurance and automated software testing. He is also an inventor of BELLATRIX Test Automation Framework and MEISSA Distributed Test Runner, speaker at various conferences, and also a multiple times nominee and winner of QA of the Year Award. He also consults companies, leads a team of automation QA engineers, and provides automated testing trainings. In addition, he gives many conference talks, keynotes, and workshops around the globe. His articles are read in 180+ countries and have millions of views each year. Lastly, Anton strives to motivate the QA community to share knowledge, participate in donations and green initiatives.
Candidate 2: Georgi Ivanov
Georgi has 10+ years of experience. Since 2013 he is part of MentorMate, and over the years he has worked on various projects - for mobile advertising, investment and savings, infrared imaging, online sports betting and much more. In addition to the daily work on a project, Georgi devotes his time to project estimation, inventing a test strategy, architecture for a test framework, setup automation for various projects, choosing appropriate tools for a specific project. Georgi has been actively involved in the organization and has been a lecturer and mentor in Automation QA training courses since 2014. In addition to the company, he shares his experience outside as a speaker at various events, some of which are the first of its kind hybrid lectures by experts from Java and Automation QA circles within DevTalks in 2019. Georgi is always open to new technologies and projects, managing to find in every endeavor a future opportunity for development, and always willing to help his colleagues in the field of QA automation.
Candidate 3: Yani Georgiev
Yani has 10+ years of experience in IT. He was able to transfer his sports experience to the QA field and help people succeed more easily. He was mentor at SmallTalk.BG, and started to build in the QA society people who help and develop each other in thinking critically. He also organized free courses during the pandemic lockdown, turning his ideas into a project supported by a team of 15 people. In short, Yani has helped 200+ people to improve their theoretical knowledge, start accumulating practical knowledge, to improve their behavior and ways of looking for work!
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